Who Is Eden Beauty?

We are a team of skincare experts who believe that through nature and science, we’re given everything we need to look and feel beautiful, and that it is not just possible, but simple, to reduce the signs of aging in a visibly dramatic way.

It is in this approach that we have developed what we believe to be the BEST system for eliminating the appearance of dark spots from the comfort of home for a comfortable price.

No scary peels that cost $500 or more, no individual tubs of “who knows what” that cost $200 and don’t get the job done. No lasers that hurt like crazy and leave skin more sensitive and prone to damage.

Just potent, cruelty free, natural, plant-based, Vegan skincare with Organic ingredients that will give you a difference you can quickly see in the mirror.

All Eden Beauty products are cruelty free, Vegan, paraben and sulfate free, natural, and 100% produced in certified facilities in the United States of America.

We pride ourselves in using a bare minimum of 40% active ingredients in all of our products. This is what we believe will give you results you can truly see when you look in the mirror, without waiting for months and months.

We also pride ourselves in being a direct-to-consumer brand. That means you can only purchase our products online, and you save a lot of money over department store products, who need to pay a middleman. We interact with you directly, and we always listen to our customers needs.

How does the Eden Beauty System get rid of dark/age/sun/liver spots?

It is important to clarify that research has shown that dark, age, sun, and liver spots are all the same thing, and may all have the same root cause.

The Eden Beauty Systems reduce the appearance of all of these forms of hyperpigmentation by targeting the true cause of dark spots at the source, instead of trying to bleach or peel them away like other so-called solutions.

Dark spots may be caused by the excess production of Melanin and a process called Glycation. Your skin may produce too much Melanin as a way to protect itself in response to an inflammatory event, such as sunburn or acne.

Our unique blend of potent ingredients may signal your brain that there is no need for excess Melanin production or Glycation – this may stop hyperpigmentation from happening in the first place.

Our system may then encourage safe and rapid cell turn over, so that the appearance of dark spots disappear, and new, even-toned skin appears in its place. All the while, calming and moisturizing ingredients allow your skin to turn up its natural glow, diminish the look of wrinkles/fine lines/pore size, and increase the look of Collagen production, skin firmness, and elasticity.

When will I be able to see my dark spots go away?

This truly depends on the severity of your dark spots and discoloration – all skin is different.

With daily use, you can see the appearance of even stubborn spots and patches begin to fade in as little as one week.

The key is consistency and daily use of the Eden Beauty system. The more days you skip the routine, the longer it will take to see the dramatic results that are possible.

Once the fading has begun, this is when it is very important to keep following the system daily, so that the work of the Eden Beauty system can continue so that the signs of your dark spots truly disappear for good.

We recommend all of our customers take a before picture, and then take a follow up picture one month later, and be prepared to be WOW’d by the difference.

What do the products smell like?

Eden Beauty uses no artificial fragrances. All of our products smell like the pure ingredients inside of them – in our opinion, they smell simply divine.

Since there are no fake scents, we find that all fragrances fade quickly and gradually after application, but smell so good while being put on.

That means The Brightness Coffee Scrub will smell like energizing, pure coffee, with a hint of Lavender. The scent will quickly fade after application, and will not linger.

Super Bright AHA Elixir: Smells like: Clean and pure citrus, with notes of Honeysuckle and Cucumber. Fades quickly after application.

Pigment Targeting Serum: Smells like: Clarifying Witch Hazel. Fades quickly after application.

Dark Spot Defender: Smells like: Earthy citrus. Fades quickly after application.

Pigment Targeting Cream: Smells like: Comforting coconut and cucumber. Fades quickly after application.

Dark Spot Magic Stick: Smells like: Clean Citrus. Fades quickly after application.

How long will the system last me?

This also depends on the severity of your dark spots and discoloration.

If you suffer with severe discoloration, then you may need to use the Eden Beauty system daily for up to 3 months for the appearance of your dark spots to diminish.

From there, it may be a matter of maintaining your bright and even skin, and you can scale back your use to 2-3 times a week, which means just 1 Eden Beauty System can last you up to half a year, which makes it an incredibly affordable investment to maintain skin that you love, makes you look decades younger, and that gives you confidence and vitality.

What if I have a reaction, or if don't like the products? Is there a guarantee?

While reactions are very unlikely because of the ultra-high quality, chemical-free nature of our ingredients, we do always recommend patch testing any new skincare, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The vast majority of adverse reactions to skincare come from filler ingredients, and we simply don’t use any here at Eden Beauty.

That said, all Eden Beauty products come with a 180 day no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you do have any adverse reaction, or if you’re just not in love with the products, you can ship them back to us (even if the jars are completely empty) at no cost and receive a full refund of your purchase with no questions asked, even if it is half a year later!

Do I need to use sunscreen while using Eden Beauty products?

We always recommend using sun protection – especially because of the powerful way Eden Beauty may encourage your skin cell’s turnover.

You want your new, even-toned skin to stay that way!

We firmly believe in the power of sunscreen to help keep skin healthy and beautiful - so much so that we are hard at work developing our own line of natural sunscreen to compliment Eden Beauty’s other products. In the meantime, we recommend you pair the Eden Beauty Systems with your favorite sunscreen, applying sunscreen after you’ve followed the Eden Beauty System, and wear sunscreen daily, even if you’re staying in the house.

I have oily, acne-prone skin, will this work for me?

Yes. Because the all-natural, chemical-free, plant based ingredients inside all of Eden Beauty’s products are designed to encourage balance.

In fact, if you struggle with acne, you’ll likely find that the calming organic Lavender, coffee, and tea tree oil may help your skin naturally produce less oil over time, while diminishing all signs of your dark spots, too.

I have dry, flaky skin, will this work for me?

Yes. Because the all-natural, chemical-free, plant based ingredients inside all of Eden Beauty’s products are designed to encourage balance.

Our organic coconut oil, cucumber, rice bran, and ylang ylang oil may give your skin lasting hydration, and effectively “teach your skin” how to look more moisturized over time for long term improvement.

I have sensitive skin, will this work for me?

Yes. Because the all-natural, chemical-free, plant based ingredients inside all of Eden Beauty’s products are designed to encourage balance.

With no harsh chemicals, no peeling/bleaching agents, and no filler, we believe there is very little inside Eden Beauty’s products that cause sensitivity or adverse reactions.

If you know your skin to be sensitive, we always encourage doing a patch test. This means, apply the products to an inconspicuous area of skin, like the inside of your arm, and let them stay there for 24 hours. When you see no adverse reaction, you are okay to start normal use.

Why is Eden Beauty so expensive?

Eden Beauty’s products cost more than your average jar from the drugstore because we have no filler ingredients.

Consider this, with that $16 jar from the drugstore, you might get 1% of the active ingredient that can actually make a visible difference on your skin.

Whereas with Eden Beauty, you will get, AT THE BARE MINIMUM, 40% of that active ingredient! But you are NOT paying 40x the price, or anywhere close to it.

This means that you can truly see FAST and LASTING results with Eden Beauty, the signs of dark spots erased, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines softened, the look of pores disappeared, and a bright looking lasting glow to your skin – all of this in a dramatic transformation that you have probably never come close to seeing before.

We promise you, and it’s been proven time and again, that densely packing your skincare with potent, powerful, pure ingredients is the key differentiator in getting results you can really see, and getting them fast. We can’t wait for you to see that for yourself when you get Eden Beauty today.

And remember, all of our ingredients are sourced from the purest places, and everything is made right here in the United States of America.

And as we’ve mentioned, ALL of our products are cruelty free, Vegan, all-natural, and paraben and sulfate free. It costs us much more to produce these than it does that $16 tub of “who knows what.”

And there’s the other side of the spectrum to consider, too: those $100+ tubs from luxury department stores. While they brag using better ingredients, they too rely heavily on filler, and depend on you to pay for the big brand name and fancy bottle, instead of for any quality ingredients inside.

Eden Beauty manages to get you much more potent formulations for about 50% less than these luxury brands.

Plus, Eden Beauty is very affordably priced when we consider the results it brings – elimination of the signs of dark spots and clear, bright, even skin with reduced-looking wrinkles, fine lines, and pores, and balanced hydration and firmness – compared to other very expensive, sometimes painful, and inconvenient solutions like chemical peels, lasers, and ongoing dermatologist appointments. While those cost thousands, your investment in Eden Beauty today will only be a small % of that, and we believe the results you get are way better.

Lastly, there is the part that has no price tag: your renewed confidence. Instead of leaning into the mirror, wishing your dark spots away, picture yourself looking in the mirror and wondering, “where did those dark spots go!?” in a state of jubilant shock – imagine yourself truly unable to find them no matter how much you squint.

And instead of reaching for the foundation and concealer, you simply smile at yourself, turn around, and leave to start a great day, full of confidence and happiness, ready to tackle whatever the day has in store for you.

Get ready to look and feel decades younger again.

It has been scientifically proven that when you feel younger, you have more energy, more confidence, and you even live longer, which is truly incredible, and powerful.

THIS is what we are all about at Eden Beauty. THIS is what we are here to serve you with. All you have to do now is meet us half way and decide to try out Eden Beauty (100% risk-free) for yourself right now.

Why do you offer system? Can I just purchase one item?

The systematic approach is the most effective way to achieve your goal of eliminating the signs of dark spots, and each step of each system has been very carefully designed to deliver the healthiest-looking, brightest-looking, brightest skin of your life. Skin that looks dark-spot-free and leaves you looking 10-20 years younger – real talk.

If you miss out on any one step, your dark spots may not appear to go away as quickly or as fully as we believe they can when you use the full system, so we highly, highly recommend that you choose one of the systems and try it out 100% risk-free instead of purchasing items individually.

You will also save anywhere from 20% - 52% when you purchase the system versus purchasing items individually.

If you are a skincare expert who is confident in what they need to get rid of the signs of their dark spots, then we have made items available for A La Carte purchase in our online store.

Which Eden Beauty System should I choose?

If your skin is fairly even-toned and you don’t agonize over any dark spots, then the 3-Part-Basic system which includes our The Brightness Coffee Scrub, Pigment Targeting Serum, and Pigment Targeting Cream, will be a fine choice to keep your skin bright and even, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, make skin more tight, hydrated, firm and smooth looking. If you feel that your skin is already youthful looking and want to keep it that way, this is a great choice for you.

If you have dark/age/sun/liver spots, patches, hyperpigmentation, post-inflammatory erythema, or discoloration that you do not like, then we highly recommend the 5-Step Extra Strength System.

This is the most powerful way to achieve dark-spot free looking skin that looks 10-20 years younger, starting just days after you first use the system.

This is because the Extra Strength System includes the Super Bright AHA Elixir, which will enable your skin to shed the signs of damaged dark spots in record time.

It also includes the Dark Spot Defender, which is jam-packed with the highest quality, polyphenol rich Vitamin C that’ll reduce all signs of aging, and may signal to your brain to stop producing excess Melanin, breaking the chemical bonds of existing dark spots.

And, while supplies are available, you’ll also receive the Dark Spot Magic Stick as a complimentary gift with purchase of the Extra Strength System. This is a highly concentrated formulation powered by Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel, and is meant to be used as a spot wand on your most stubborn areas of discoloration. We are very excited for you to get your hands on this one and watch it lighten the appearance of your most annoying dark areas.

Can I use these products anywhere I have dark spots?

Yes! All Eden Beauty products are gentle enough to use on the face, yet powerful enough to work anywhere on the body, including neck, arms, legs, hands, and anywhere else you have dark spots and/or hyperpigmentation.

There are a lot of steps to these systems, how will I know what I'm doing?

Each Eden Beauty order will come with a detailed instruction sheet on exactly how to use the system step-by-step, and it is truly simple to do so.

All you’ll do is apply each step, with a ~ 10 second break in between to allow the previous step to absorb.

When you’re using the Extra Strength system, you’ll go in this order:

The Brightness Coffee Scrub – can use in the shower
Super Bright AHA Elixir – press into skin in upward motion, let sit for 10 seconds
Pigment Targeting Serum – press into skin in upward motion, let sit for 10 seconds
Dark Spot Defender – press into skin in upward motion, let sit for 10 seconds
Pigment Targeting Cream – press into skin in upward motion, let sit for 10 seconds

You can then apply sun protection, and if you want, makeup as usual.

Remember, it is the systemized approach that will bring you the results you are looking for, and in no time, you’ll be able to do this whole routine in under 2 minutes.

Less than 2 minutes per day for the even, hydrated, gorgeous looking skin that will take decades off of your appearance? We say YES.

How much is shipping and how long will it take to arrive?

All orders – Basic or Advanced Systems – are securely packed in environmental friendly packaging and ground shipped for FREE.

In many cases, your order will leave our warehouse the same day it is received. We pack and ship out orders every weekday, so get excited, because when you order today, your Eden Beauty system will be at your door in 5-7 business days!

Okay! I'm ready to try Eden Beauty! What do I do next?

Simply select your system below. Remember, we recommend the Basic System to maintain your existing glow and prevent dark spots from forming. We recommend the Extra Strength System to eliminate the appearance of existing, nagging dark spots, no matter how stubborn they’ve been for you in the past.

So select the best system for you by clicking the corresponding button below, enter your billing and shipping information through our secure check-out process, and submit your order with excitement! We cannot wait for your skin to experience a true transformation thanks to the love, power, and purity we’ve put inside each bottle of Eden Beauty’s products.

*At least 30% active ingredient in all products.