The Average Woman Applies 515 Chemicals To Her Body Daily: Why Vegan Cruelty-Free Skin Care Matters

Every day we’re exposed to environmental toxins we can’t control, but we also unwillingly expose ourselves to hundreds of other chemicals – many of which exist in our daily skincare and makeup routine2.

Find a skincare product, pick it up, and all through the day…we might have luck?

Every single day we’re applying a caustic cosmetic soup to our skin.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ! Who wouldn’t want to nourish that?

The skin plays an important role in the elimination of toxic substances3. It’s also our most significant exposure pathway, meaning it can quickly absorb contact toxins into the bloodstream4.

What if we had the ability to remove the guesswork and replace it with the confidence that we’re treating our skin right every day?

Enter a plant-based beauty routine. Naturally-sourced, botanically-driven ingredients can help us fully radiate our beauty and realize our health inside and out.

Veganism has grown in popularity in recent years, sharing its plant-based, cruelty-free ideals with every sector of life, including beauty. More and more people are considering their ethics, shifting their environmental impact, and seeking the cleanest approach for their health.

Even if you don’t follow a vegan lifestyle, this article will show you just how nourishing and healthy a plant-based, cruelty-free skincare regimen is and why it matters.


Vegan Skincare: Clean for You, Clean for the Environment.

By now most people are familiar with vegan values. The emphasis and incentives are placed heavily on ethics, animal-welfare, and the environment.

But plant-based skincare isn’t just a trend!

It’s a choice we can make to instantly upgrade our wellbeing.

Vegan, plant-based skincare follows a formula that forgoes skin-clogging animal products and by-products and trades them in for ultra-supportive botanical ingredients that serve to radiate our beauty.


Cruelty-Free Skincare, Be Aware!

An additional term to consider while researching vegan skincare is the term “cruelty-free”. Cruelty-free means that the products have not been tested on animals.

While a beauty product may contain ingredients that designate it as vegan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t undergone animal testing. Conversely, a product may be cruelty-free but not vegan.

Think about the cosmetic industry for a moment.

 Millions of products are being created and tested daily. But what do these tests entail?

 An estimated 100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die every year5 just so we can use shampoos and lipsticks we’re STILL unsure of. Chemicals are dripped into their eyes, smeared onto their skin, and forced down their throats while we apply a salve or a cream that ends up being a toxic gamble anyway.

 The takeaway and realization is simple! We don’t have to support cosmetic cruelty, and the results show, in mind AND body, that we’re much healthier without it.


The Transformative Effects of Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare

Navigating our modern-day beauty and wellness industry can be daunting.

 Luckily, the answers are simple.

When we choose to follow a plant-based cosmetic routine, we’re putting our choice with an undeniably transformative outcome for mind, body, and soul.

 Not only are we encouraging a socially responsible lifestyle, we’re creating the best environment possible for our skin (our largest organ) with naturally supportive ingredients. Ingredients not only healthy, but outright transformative.

 Glow-boosting, anti-aging, detoxifying ingredients.

 Anti-inflammatory, clarifying, skin-tightening ingredients.

Acne removing, dark spot dissolving, natural ingredients.

Where do we sign up!?

As we learn more and more about natural ingredients, the picture become so very clear (and so does our skin!) Let’s examine the range of benefits that a plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free skin care routine can offer:


  1. High-Potency Natural Ingredients, Everyday Use
  2. Skin-Nurturing, Vitamin-Rich, Skin-Tightening Ingredients
  3. Full-Body Wellness


1.   High-Potency Natural Ingredients, Everyday Use:

Sensitive skin is a factor that many of us deal with daily. It can be exhaustive engaging in constant trial and error.

 Harsh chemical peels done a few times a year can cause inflammation and leave your skin susceptible to further damage.

 Animal-based ingredients can leave your pores clogged and your skin oily.

 With so many products to choose from, and so many variables, it’s easy to get swept away in the quest to find something that doesn’t cause irritation.

 Enter plant-based skincare.

 Because the ingredients are not tested on animals they must be approved and naturally safe. Botanical ingredients have been used for centuries and have demonstrated their powerful abilities to fortify our bodies internally and externally.

 Potent, natural ingredients that deliver age-defying results – and safe for use every single day!

 Plant-based skincare formulas naturally contain fewer ingredients and offer a soothing approach that’s ideal for sensitive skin.


2.   Skin-Nurturing, Vitamin-Rich, Skin-Tightening Ingredients

The botanical ingredients contained in vegan skincare formulas are derived from the earth and contain rich sources of vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.

 Many ingredients, such as aloe, cinnamon, tea tree and lavender have long been explored for their healing properties.

These types of ingredients are well-tolerated by all skin-types and offer healthy cleansing, clarifying, tightening and anti-aging results.

 Formulas that house these short, yet potent ingredient lists can offer the peace of mind in knowing precisely what we’re applying to our skin and how it can benefit us directly.


3.   Full Body Wellness

In practice, our bodies will thrive from foods consumed from their natural state - and the same applies to our skin.

 Every day we willingly expose ourselves to hundreds of chemicals, many of them lurking in our medicine cabinets and DIRECTLY ON OUR SKIN! Many of which have been poorly tested or have KNOWN adverse effects.

 When we commit to a plant-based skincare routine we can achieve an instant peace of mind that we’re bettering ourselves and the world around us.

 Why embrace harsh chemicals when we can be embraced by Mother Nature herself?


Plant-Based Skincare: Not Just A Trend, A Lifelong Choice

 With all the recent hype it’s important to note that plant-based vegan skincare isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifelong choice to support all dimensions of life. With one simple choice we can support:


  • The environment: Plant-based ingredients are ethically sourced and are an environmentally sustainable choice. Animals are not included or harmed in the process.
  • Our Health: Mineral-rich, all-natural ingredients release us from daily toxic exposure to harsh cosmetic chemicals.
  • Our Wellness: We can feel good about our beauty inside and out with the knowledge that what we’re using is gentle, safe, natural and nourishing.


It’s the smallest choices that make the biggest difference.

 Ready to explore a lifetime of beauty and benefits from a plant-based skincare routine?

 Eden Beauty’s natural line of skincare products is the place to start!

 One hundred percent of our high-potency ingredients are purposefully included to deliver botanical transformation and support directly to your skin.

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