Protect Your Skin From Winter

Help! The Winter Months Wreak Havoc on My Skin!

Whitney here again, hi! I have a confession to make (and I don’t think it’s a surprising one.) I hate winter. 

Fall might actually be my least favorite season because it is the slow descent into the long freeze. If you’re wondering, I live in Ohio, so we get all four seasons, and we get them HARD. 

Amazing Skincare for Winter Months

This picture is from February when I had a newborn and the dark under-eye circles to show for it. I have made MAJOR strides in reducing the inflammation under my eyes. Check out how here.

The frigid winter air dries my skin out.

As we prepare for the leaves to fall (already!?) I am also preparing for the cracks in my hands to start showing up and my face to just feel tighter as the moisture evaporates from the air.  Just stepping outside into the biting air can sting your face but it doesn’t end there. No matter how much lotion and moisturizer you slather on your skin - it just feels like it is immediately absorbed and there is nothing to show for it. Read on to find out more...

So, what is causing this massive dry-out of your skin in the colder months?

In the winter, the air just has less moisture in it. So, it causes your skin to dry out. This, coupled with exiting the cold into a blast of hot air from the furnace-warmed indoors, exacerbates the under moisturized skin. We can anticipate it to be even worse on our hands this upcoming winter with the increased pressure to sanitize and wash your hands frequently. 

So, right after you wash your hands or jump out of the shower, you might reach for the lotion. Unfortunately, in the winter months, when conditions are harsher, those water-based formulas can’t hold in water as well as an oil-based one. (Think back to elementary school science when you learn that water and oil don’t mix. Oil serves as a barrier, locking the water in and keeping your skin moisturized for longer. 

What can I do to give my skin relief?

There is a series of things you can do to keep your skin feeling soft, healthy, and nurtured for the long, harsh winter.

1. Stick to oil-based moisturizers (look at ingredients) to keep your skin soft and damage-free

The winter air can be harsh on our skin. By switching to an oil-based moisturizer, it will add a layer of protection to keep your skin:

  • Lustrous
  • Hydrated
  • Even toned

Our new Bye Bye Dark Spots Body Kit has an amazing moisturizer in the Body Balm that will feel like blasting moisture into your skin and protect you all winter long.

2. Limit the hot water

Don’t worry - we’re not taking away your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Gotta keep yourself warm! We’re talking about the shower. By taking too many hot showers (although they may feel ah-mazing) will dry your skin out and make it more susceptible to the pain that the winter air can bring. 

3. Moisturize BEFORE you’re completely dry

While we recommend limiting hot showers and baths - we’re not monsters. If you find you need to take a hot shower, a luxurious bath, or spend a few minutes in a hot tub (we get it!) make sure you take the time to re-hydrate your skin with (an oil-based) moisturizer. Keep your skin looking and feeling gorgeous.

4. Avoid fragrances and dyes

Fragrances have ZERO benefits for your skin. They are only there because it makes you, as the consumer, have a positive sensory experience with the products. I mean, who doesn’t love things that smell FANTASTIC? Fragrances are commonly chemical based which can serve as an irritant to your skin and make it more sensitive to the elements and drying out.  

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Do you get the theme of this post? Water is the key to keeping your skin feeling fresh and looking flawless the whole long winter. 

  • Drink. A lot. Of. Water. According to the Mayo Clinic, men should drink ~125oz of water a day while women should drink 97oz.₁ 
  • Moisturize often and effectively. Use an oil-based moisturizer after spending any time in hot water and on areas that are frequently exposed to the elements.
  • Keep your products all-natural and clean. Avoid fragrances and other chemicals that can irritate and dry out your skin. 

Eden Beauty is here to take care of your skin, no matter what the weather throws at you.

Eden Beauty practices what they preach. Our products are 100% All-Natural, Vegan, and pure luxury for your skin. They were formulated to protect your skin no matter your skin tone or type. Our new Bye Bye Dark Spots Body Kit will not only help erase the appearance of dark spots and body acne…

Just 3-steps to beautiful skin will also moisturize your skin so you could flaunt it all winter long (if you wanted to.) 

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