• Are You Unintentionally Damaging Your Skin?

     6 “Skin-Hazards” To Watch Out For During The Winter Months Winter is here, and along with the EVERYTHING pumpkin spice, shiny decorations, and festive spirits, this season also brings a whole new set of potential hazards for your skin that you might be utterly UNAWARE of. Muggy, hot summers? Sur... View Post
  • Protect Your Skin From Winter

    Help! The Winter Months Wreak Havoc on My Skin! Whitney here again, hi! I have a confession to make (and I don’t think it’s a surprising one.) I hate winter.  Fall might actually be my least favorite season because it is the slow descent into the long freeze. If you’re wondering, I live in Oh... View Post
  • The Truth About Sunscreen

    When discussing what products to include in a daily skincare regimen, it doesn’t matter whether you have dry, oily, combo or normal skin: there is one product that stands out as a constant: Sunscreen. For all shades of skin tone, sunscreen is touted as one of the most essential elements to prot... View Post

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